Jason Bonthron

For the Moon is Hollow
  and I Have Touched the Sky

This is my game entry to Game Off - GitHub's annual game jam, where participants spend one month creating a game based on a secret theme. The theme for this year’s jam was "MOONSHOT".

For the Moon is Hollow was built with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML Canvas.

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jeff atwood coding horrorJeff Atwood (Coding Horror) has an open source project to create updated versions of text adventure games with new ones written in modern languages.

I've contributed a game of golf in C#, and created another in JavaScript. This is a text based game; but under the hood, it simulates a course using simple trigonometry.

Golf in C#  (source code and executables for linux and windows)

Golf in JavaScript

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Flexibility Of Closure

HTML5 puzzle for mobile and desktop: Find a hidden pattern in geometrical configuration.

Flexibility of Closure is the cognitive ability to hold a given visual percept or configuration in mind so as to disembed it from other well defined perceptural material.

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Haunted House Card Game

Rest In Peace

There were rumors of course. Eva's death had been unnatural and —it was said— the coffin had been buried empty. Then strange things began to happen at the manor.

Rest in Peace is a haunted house card game. Solitaire. It consists of 29 Print-n-Play cards to be used in conjunction with an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards.

There are 13 rooms in this haunted house. You will draw cards from an ordinary deck of playing cards to move from room to room. Each card’s numeric value (rank) corresponds to one of the rooms. There are 13 secrets. The secrets are shuffled and dealt alongside each room. By visiting a room you can reveal its secret. There are 3 clues. If you find the correct clues and return to the Main Entrance, you win.

Rest in Peace was designed for BoardGameGeek's annual Print-n-Play Game Design contest.

a game walkthrough
cards 1.
cards 2
cards 3
low ink version: cards 1
low ink version: cards 2